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10 - I Would Like To Know

Space, Galaxies, Stars and Planets

Author: Guillaume Cannat

A journey into the galaxies,
stars and planets.

A Stroll through Phnom Penh National Museum

Author: Marie Caillat and Sunheng Mengchheang

Discover the Khmer arts from different times, collected from across the country.

Discover our Enviroment

Author: Huot Sarith and Anne-Laure Porée

Understand the environmental issue and keep our planet beautiful.

I've lived through the War in Cambodia

Author: Benoît Fidelin

What was it like to be a teenager at that time? Learn what it was like to live through the Cambodian War...

Exploring Angkor Part 1 (Angkor Wat & Bayon) - Khmer

Author: Sunheng Mengchheang and Huot Sarith

The first guide about Angkor for young people! With rich content and beautiful pictures, this book will guide readers through the amazing sculpted galleries of the complex temples...