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We are pleased to present our complete collection of Cambodian books, written in Khmer language, published in Phnom Penh and dedicated to the Cambodian Youth.


Since 2000, Sipar’s publishing program has committed itself to offering books that help the Cambodian youth on their path along knowledge. We provide suitable books for every age range and all reading levels, starting from picture books fitted for toddlers’ early learning stages to detailed documentaries for young adults.


We consistently place our readers at the heart of our publishing process, and always strive to benefit them when working on a new publication. We make books to help readers become proficient and to facilitate their access to knowledge.


Children need to be guided toward becoming avid readers. With more than ten years of experience, the Sipar team has acquired the keys to teach kids to enjoy the process of reading and learning. We make books kids like! We instigate in them a passion for reading so they eagerly engage with our books and cheerfully dive into knowledge.


This combination of education and entertainment is Sipar Books’ signature! Get a Sipar book and see how fast kids improve their reading skills and expand their horizons.







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