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Since 2000, Sipar’s publishing program has committed itself to offering books that help Cambodian youth on their path to knowledge. We provide books suitable for every age range and all reading levels, starting from picture books for toddlers’ early learning stages to detailed documentaries for young adults.

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First Stories

Start listening, start reading! (Age 4 and up)

 "First Stories" are contemporary stories that contain familiar scenes. Their full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text will capture children's attention and encourage them to start reading by themselves. Designed for home use, this collection will give you a chance to share a great learning experience with your children.

Let's Read! Let's Sing!

Read a story, learn something new! (Age 2 and up)

This new collection is especially designed to help children learn to recognize sounds, colors, and numbers before they are able to speak. With a simple story, short phrases, and beautiful pictures, children will quickly remember the story. Moreover, they also can learn simple general knowledge pertaining to the story.

I Can Read

More reading, more developing (Age 10 and up)

Can you read very well? Can you read independently? Enjoy our new collection containing great stories for children in pocket format. The "I Can Read" collection will help readers develop their reading skills and curiosity. Additionally, its pocket size ensures portability.

I Would Like to Read

Reading, playing! (Age 8 and up)

"I Would Like to Read" is much more than a simple story book. It is a multi-activity book in which children will find an illustrated story, a comic strip, and games to encourage reading.

Youth Literature

Masterpieces from all over the world! (Age 12 and up)

Do you love reading? These novels will give you what you are looking for!

Get access to masterpieces from all over the world and read about universal topics such as love, adventure and friendship.


Picture Books

One picture, one word! (Age 3 and up)

This wonderful series of wipe-clean words books has been designed to help children learn about the world around them while enhancing their vocabulary. Our picture books have been carefully designed to entertain and educated children at the same time.

First Picture Books

Learn your first words! (Age 1 and up)

Each page of First Picture Book contains one picture and one word in Khmer and English. It shows everyday objects, animals and people around young children by enriching their understanding of words even they have not learned to speak yet.


Enjoy the animal world! (Age 8 and up)

With double pages of big beautiful pictures and short descriptions, the collection " Discover..." will bring children the joy of the animal world. They will understand the way animals live and the characteristic: animals on the farm, in the jungle, in the sea, at the poles and in the desert.

Let's Learn!

Learn the first concepts (Age 2 and up)

This collection is a perfect first book for babies and toddlers. It is filled with short sentences, simple words, and vivid color illustrations. The books depict the familiar world around your kids and introduce concepts such as sounds, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes...

I Would Like to Know About the Life of

Know great persons around the World! (Age 12 and up)

This collection shares life stories of people who changed our world. But nothing goes smoothly and even these great people made mistakes and met with failures...

I Would Like to Know

Access to knowledge (Age 12 and up)

"I Would Like to Know" has been created for readers who are eager to learn! We cover various topics, from Khmer history to galaxies, from Pharaohs to the environment, and give readers easy access to knowledge.

Life Skill

Easy to understand, easy to do! (For adult)

This collection provides readers with knowledge and practical skills that pertain to running an agricultural production, business, job preparedness, hygiene, and primary health care. With short text and many pictures, it helps readers easily understand and practice skills.

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