Who are we?

Sipar Books  was created in 2000 as a division of SIPAR, an NGO that fights against illiteracy in Cambodia by promoting reading interests and publishing quality books.


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Our job

We publish books in Khmer language designed for the Cambodian youth, from early childhood to adulthood. Quality is our main preoccupation!


Our team

We are a very motivated team of 12 people, dedicated to creating great books for the Cambodian children. To meet our team members,

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Our results so far

Since our debut in 2000, we has published more than 160 titles in 12 different collections, with over 2 000 000 copies. We also helped young Cambodian authors and illustrators to launch their career by organizing training programs in writing and illustrating and by publishing their works.

Why have we decided to focus on youth literature?

Cambodian youth is Cambodia’s future! Giving children an easy access to reading equals to giving them an access to knowledge and a better future… and that’s all our work is about!


Ten years ago, the Cambodian publishing sector was at an embryonic stage and no publisher offered books for young children. SIPAR decided to fill this gap by publishing its own books, and focused on providing young readers with entertaining, captivating books adapted to their age, reading level and interests.







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