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Ladawan: Wild Orchid

Author: Lada Vallantin Dulac and Joëlle Cuvilliez

Youlan's Chellange

Author: Tian

Green Star

Author: Proum Konthearo

Picture Book of Khmer New Year

Author: Sipar

Picture book of Khmer New Year describes the Khmer New Year that they participate in every year.

100 Scene Series: The History of the World, Part 2

Author: Yeyeong, Shin Jae-Hwan & Cheong Dong Ho

"100 Scenes Series: The History of the World" part 2 continues the series to explore historical events and figures around the world.

My Village

Author: Kann Haly

First Picture Book My Village will bring young children to visit and know some places in the village in Khmer and English.

I Don't

Author: Xiao Mao

“I Don’t!” is a short sentence that small children always said when they refuse advice from adults. What would happen after t


Author: Brigitte Labbé and Michel Puech

Get to know the life of the founder of Buddhism who lived some 25 centuries ago.

Jayavarman VII

Author: Hedwige Multzer O’naghten


Mum Looks, It is a Chicken!

Teytey asks her mother when she sees an animal. Her mother told her that is a chicken. But when Teytey sees other birds, she thinks they are chickens.

  • 21 x 27 cm , 32 pages
  • 8 000R / 2.00$


Discover insects from different places: how they look like, how they live, what they eat, and what are their benefits to the ecological system. It also stimulates children’s minds to be curious about everything around them.   


An old woman finds a giant peach when she washes her clothes. When she and her husband cut the peach, a baby boy appears. They name him Momotaro or Peach boy. When Momotaro grows up, he decides to go rescue villagers imprisoned by the terrible ogres.


Rongkea and Green Monster

Rongkea is the princess of the emperor of the sky but she has a disease since she was little. One day, her mother who passed away long ago goes to see the emperor in his dream. The only way to cure the princess is to take the heart of the green monster from the East. Under the protection of her pet, Rongkea meets a lot problems and she can also meet the green monster. What will it happen?

The Elephant's New Shoe

Based on the true story of Chhouk, the Asian elephant calf who lost his foot to a poacher’s snare in the forests of Mondulkiri, this touching tale recounts his rescue at the hands of Wildlife Alliance Cambodia conservationist, Nick Marx. When Chhouk was found in the forest alone, malnourished and gravely injured, he was taken to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre for care. The conservationists nursed him back to health and fitted him with an artificial foot, enabling him to walk again!

100 Scene Series: The History of the World, Part 1

Readers and Sipar fans are familiar with "100 Scene Series: The History of Science" which was arranged into six books in Khmer version. Now with even more attractive illustration, our publishing team is introducing the same series with exclusive emphasis on world history. In the six volumes of "100 Scene Series: The History of the World" Abraham Lincoln will take readers on a long journey across millions of years to meet the ancestor-apes, see the sites of early civilizations, witness fierce fights of numerous wars and greet countless famous persons in history.

"100 Scenes Series: The History of the World" part 1 is a work of translation from the Korean comic book with the same title. In the first book of the series, readers will be transported through time to witness the beginning of human beings and how they lived, get to know origin of the ancient civilizations of the world, be familiar with the Oracle bone script, customs and traditions of the Middle East, India and China as well as the rise and fall of Babylon, Athens and Rome. At the same time, you will meet famous history figures such as Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Alexander, Julius Caesar and many more.